About Vajra Phurbas, Dorje Phurbas

About Vajra Phurbas, Dorje Phurbas & Rahus

The Tibetan Rahu : Dorje Phurba Charm (also known as Rahu or Vajra Phurba in India) is the most mysterious of Tibetan Buddhist Sacred Objects, it restrains and then vanquishes many forms of Negative & Evil Entities, Demonic Spirits. In many Asian countries, it is also known as the Magick Dagger or Magick Dart. It is also used effectively by Practitioners of Metaphysical Arts like Healers, Tarot Readers, Rune & I-Ching Casters, Astrologers, etc.

Vajra Phurba or Dorje Kila is a most Ancient Metaphysical Energy Tool used by Shamans, Magicians, Tantriks, Healers and Lamas of different ethnic backgrounds and spiritual orientations, for over a thousand years. It is used for subduing the most malevolent of spirit entities and overcoming the greatest of challenges and all manner of evil forces. These forces can be internal – like fear, obsession, depression, an overly active internal dialogue, or emotions that escape the control of the conscious mind – or they can be external entities, parasite creatures, mental projections or damaging psychic fields.

Also known as a Magick Dart, this powerful tool is used for destroying and slaying any negative vibrations and conquer evil spirits and avert obstacles. It is used as an instrument of protection and a weapon of spiritual attack. In present day, Vajra Phurbas are also used as a silent instrument of Feng Shui for protection.

The Dorje Phurba is made up of three separate segments: the head, the shank, and the triangular blade. The three-sided blade has two serpent-like magical creatures called Nagas (Klu) entwined around it, and above each of the corners of the blade there is a gilded crocodile (the Sacred Makara). The shank is comprised of two inverted Lotuses at the center, with decorative Power Symbols on either side. Finally, at the top of the dagger are the 3 heads, implying the 3 Spirit Worlds and representing the Divine Trinity Concept (Brahma Granthi, Vishnu Granthi, & Shiva Granthi). It also represents control over the 3 Times of Past, Present and Future. The triangular shape represents the element of fire and symbolizes wrathful activity. The Triple-Head is crowned with a miniature half-Vajra. As a tool of exorcism, the Vajra Phurba is used to hold demons in place once they have been expunged from their human hosts. More esoterically, it is asserted that the Phurba serves to bind and pin down negative energies from a person or group, in order for purification to be administered. Phurba is also used to pin down restless energy and create a stable “protected” and thus “hallowed ground.”

Like many energy tools, the Vajra Phurba also comes in metal and crystal. In the NewAge era, Pranic Healers & Reiki Masters of various traditions are successfully using this Rahu Crystal (as it is known in the Healing World) to receive and beam energy to produce miraculous results. The huge benefit is that the Healer will not get infected by the sick energy of the patient when he channels energy through the Vajra Phurba. For Metal & Crystal Vajra Phurbhas – small for wearing and large for healing/protection, contact us.