Egyptian Zodiac Analysis


IEgyptianZodiacntroduction : Ancient Egyptians developed their own system of astrological prediction over 4000 years ago from the Babylonians and Greeks. The 12 Egyptian Birth Signs of the Egyptian Astrology Zodiac are based on different ruling Egyptian Deities and being born within a particular Sign influences a person’s character, personality and life. The greatest living monument of the Egyptian Astrology is in the Zodiac of Dendera (dated 50 BC, during Cleopatra’s time) from the Temple of Hathor at Dendera in Central Egypt, it gives a brief glimpse into aspects of Nile Valley astronomy, astrology, agriculture and calendar making.

Find your Egyptian Pharaoh Astrological Zodiac Sign in this article by locating your birthday within the coordinating time span. Read your Character Essence according to your Egyptian Deity representative. To induce stronger connections with the metaphysical meaning behind the Birth Sign, help enhance it’s positive qualities, help minimize it’s negative qualities and gain the blessings and protection of the corresponding Guardian-Deity, wear the Birth Sign Talisman/Amulet as a Pendant around the neck or keep it in the pocket/purse/handbag. The specialty is that anybody (irrespective of their Zodiac Sign) aspiring to gain the positive qualities described can also use it to improve themselves, even if they do not belong to that particular Birth Sign. These Egyptian Birth Sign Pendants are made of specially developed Pewter Metal which helps the Mandatory Activation Process when it is Cleansed, Energized and Programmed and most importantly, facilitates the process of receiving, storing and transmitting the Energy to the Wearer/User. The Sacred Sun is depicted in gold coloured glittery stone at the top right with the specific Deity-Authority dominating the front. On the back, the name of the ruling Deity-Authority and birth dates concerned appear along with the Sacred Ankh, for personal protection.

SPHINX (Dec 27th – Jan 25th)

Sphinx Charm

Sphinx Charm

You are sensible, shrewd, adaptable, serious, self-disciplined, discrete and foresighted. You fall under the most enigmatic Egyptian Zodiac and share many characteristics with other signs. You are chameleon-like and can change your approach and character on the fly as the situation demands. You are an adapter who can adjust yourself to any situation or person to keep you out of trouble or lead you to it. You have a built-in fraud-detector and your perception and intuition are finely tuned. The power of discernment and a twinkling sense of humour are godly gifts to you. You know how to create opportunities due to your sense of ambition, technical skills and incredible powers of concentration. You always delight your friends with your mysterious nature. You can make the most mundane situations seem most fascinating. You may even have a talent to divine the future, and can help your friends sort out their problems. You remember that, while you love pondering the riddles in life, you have both hands and feet strongly rooted to the earth. You can be straightforward and completely grounded when you need to be. You possess a mischievous quality that sometimes bewilders those around you and few but the most perceptive will know your true intentions. You could also be overtly proud, haughty and impatient in making decisions. Your downfall could be your tendency to be too old fashioned at times, clinging onto tradition when it would be better to move forward. You can also put others off when your authoritative manner is based on vanity rather than collective goal. Remember : Wisdom and knowledge are best used in collective service, in a leadership position. You can ideally fit into any occupation that falls under the category of self-employment.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Coriander
Stone: Quartz
Tree: Almond
Animal: Lion
Flower: Lily
Remedy: Wear or carry Sphinx Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: The mystical Sphinx whose Ancient Egyptian name is Hu (Heru in the Horizon) is a shape shifter – Goddess of Transformation and Guardian of the Treasures. The star assigned to Sphinx is Dened Algedi. The influence of this star produces orientation for justice and law giving.

SHU (Jan 26th – Feb 24th)

You are incredibly creative, ingenious, principled, humourous, conscientious and straight forward. You have a marvellous talent to captivate any audience. You enjoy using your special talents for the delight of your friends and family – whether through drawing or painting, cooking or designing, writing stories or a thesis. If you can imagine it, you can do it. You understand that any artistic pursuit takes time to fully develop, and once you decide upon a course, you follow through, knowing there will be challenges along the way. You are a natural lover and not a fighter. You prefer harmony and peace above all else. You are dramatic, showy and unconventional, at times. You make friends easily and work well on teams or in groups. You are compassionate and will always lend an ear to a friend in need. You enjoy change and movement. You will even disrupt your own apple cart to bring about new jobs and social situations. You hate discord but you will take up the cause of a friend or the proverbial “underdog.” You might stay out of sight until you have processed your personal plight – you would never burden anyone else. Business acumen is a gift of this Birth Sign along with music, dancing, and theatrical ability. You may concentrate on your disappointments and ignore your achievements. When in difficulty, there is also a strong tendency for you to withdraw, which keeps you apart from others. Your weaknesses are hesitancy and procrastinating. Your downfall is your tendency to be unrealistically idealistic and adversely too self conscious about failure, which promotes indecision. You will be extremely successful and famous in your chosen profession. Favourite lines of profession are social work, charity, agriculture, counselling, journalism, care and hospitality sectors.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Lemon Balm
Stone: Moonstone
Tree: Silver Birch
Animal: Swallow
Flower: Iris
Remedy: Wear or carry Shu Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Shu is the feather headressed God of air and space. Shu is depicted wearing an ostrich feather, holding up the sky. The star assigned to Shu is Sadalmelek which means “Lucky One of the King.” The influence of this star does indeed indicate one who is lucky but more so one who knows how to win by making the right choices in life which ultimately leads to happiness and contentment.

ISIS (Feb 25th – Mar 26th)

You are honourable, proud, self-confident, idealistic, logical, hardworking, popular and hospitable. You are imbued with practicality, intuition, and a non judgmental attitude. You patiently sift through information before choosing a course of action. You are also socially gracious, eloquent and friendly. Your Birth Sign gift is creative thinking with a philosophical leaning for truth and spiritual purpose. Your natural charisma and self-reliant activeness attract people of all sorts around you. Your humour, confidence and kindness make you popular among companions. When times are serious, you withdraw to think on your own. You remember, however, that trustworthy friends are there for you and make great listening boards. You are fully prepared to admit fault or error, have little reticence in changing your ideas or tactics should you be proven wrong. Able to accept criticism as an essential part of learning, most born in this Birth Sign will consider the opinions of friends and colleagues in all circumstances. Your weaknesses are extreme obsession and withdrawing when the chips are down. Your downfall is tactlessness and wishful thinking. Success is yours if you can adapt and be receptive, without compromising on your true standards. Favourite lines of profession are photography, arts and advertising media.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Tarragon
Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Tree: Sycamore
Animal: Cat
Flower: Rose
Remedy: Wear or carry Isis Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Isis whose Ancient Egyptian name is Aset is the Goddess of Order and Protection, her broad wings can enfold others in safety. She is the mistress of Wisdom and Words of Power, Love and Cosmic Consciousness. She was the symbolic mother of the Pharaoh. She is also the patroness of sages and is a great healer. Isis was worshipped in Rome, Spain, Portugal, Gaul, Portugal, Switzerland and North Africa. She is without doubt the Grand Dame of Egypt. The star assigned to Isis is Al Rescha. The influence of this star is the ability to join different concepts together in union in order to gain greater knowledge and understanding.

OSIRIS (Mar 27th – Apr 25th)

You are dynamic, intelligent, smart, enterprising, fiery, social and generous. You are born with an amazing talent : you transform old and tired things into something new and exciting. Your friends and family enjoy being around your flair for setting trends. You love “before and afters”, whether it’s helping people find new styles or making over your room into a cool place to spend time with friends. Someday, you might make over a failing company and turn it into the hot new thing! You are emotionally enigmatic and because of this you are often misunderstood. You are a mover and shaker – energetic ball of energy with strong leadership capabilities. You are highly intelligent, quick-witted, humorous and a walking/talking encyclopaedia. You love to communicate, write and have a voracious reading appetite. You are also a gifted speaker who can hold others enthralled with tales of your latest escapades. You are also perplexing in many counts and misunderstood frequently. Like the evaporating waters of the Sacred River Nile, most born in this Birth Sign tend to be elusive. Your weakness is that you try to avoid taking responsibility and your obstinacy, refusal to admit ignorance and cynicism. Success is yours if you are unwavering in your principles and stay determined during adversity. Avoid hasty decisions and love at first sight. Favourite lines of profession are teachers, sales and marketing.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Basil
Stone: Moss Agate
Tree: Ceder
Animal: Scarab
Flower: Violet
Remedy: Wear or carry Osiris Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Osiris whose Ancient Egyptian name is Asar is the god of the underworld, in-charge of Renewal and Rebirth and also the Lord of the Nile. He is known as the Lord of the Perfect Black. This personifies the un-manifest regions of existence where the Higher Self is slain by ego through worldly involvement and the Soul struggles to regain a state of perfection. The energy of Osiris is the Alpha or beginning energy which manifests through the need to “be.” The star assigned to Osiris is Hamal. The influence of this star bestows independence and strength of will and the ability to be focused and direct.

AMUN (Apr 26th – May 25th)

You are confident, iron willed, resolute, strong, firm, athletic, hard working, generous and inspiring. You are also tender, understanding, passionate and intensely loyal. You are a born leader but have some trouble in understanding those less capable than yourself. You are opinionated, practical and enterprising and can bargain better than anybody else. Your leadership qualities, organizing talents and judgments spawn jealousy. You lead through inspiration. When it comes to projects and teams, all your companions want to partner up with you! Friends and family often come to you for guidance. You will always be guided towards new opportunities. In business you have an uncanny knack for making money and can easily hold executive positions. The gifts of this Birth Sign are physical vitality, good health and easy success. Your strong money sense is both an asset and challenge. Your life will always be colourful with both materialistic pursuits as well as spiritual wanderings. You are often tempted to compromise your position either internally or externally. Failed integrity leads to loss and upheld integrity leads to gain. Shun the tendency to wonder if you made the right choices in the past and keep your sharp eyes peeled on the future. Your weakness is an overbearing and headstrong arrogant attitude which can lead to social disgrace; you always need a challenge or drop into lethargy. Favourite lines of profession are any financial management positions.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Sage
Stone: Turquoise
Tree: Oak
Power Animal: Ram
Flower: Bluebell
Remedy: Wear or carry Amun Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Amun is the creator God of Ancient Egypt and the God of Construction. He’s depicted constructing the world around us. The concept of Amun not only became the central theme of ancient Egyptian religion and mystical philosophy but also influenced scores of world religions. The star assigned to Amun is Aldebaran, a Royal Star.

HATHOR (May 26th – Jun 24th)

You are charming, enthusiastic, romantic, expressive, loving, caring and communicative. You are endowed with either great artistic talents or artistic leanings. In either case, art must have a practical application that can be used for recognition and achievement. You are dualistic by nature, gravitating towards both the spiritual and the material. You love life and strive to live life to the fullest. When all is right in your world you are outgoing and your joy is contagious. Conversely, when things are not going well you might retreat into a world of dismay and disarray. The gifts of this Birth Sign are a quick mind, intellectual expression and a charming personality. You love everything about this life, from your friends and family, to the world around you. You show people how to find luxury in the simple stuff. You encourage people to do things like lie in a field of soft grass on a sunny afternoon and watch the fluffy clouds float past. This way, good things come to you, simply because you take so much enjoyment in them! Your love for love needs to be reined in. Your weaknesses are being envious and hatefully jealous, at times. Your downfall could be because of your restlessness and lack of tolerance. Favourite lines of profession are social work, show arts, painting and communications.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Fennel
Stone: Jasper
Tree: Elm
Animal: Cow
Flower: Cowslip
Remedy: Wear or carry Hathor Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Hathor known as Hetheru or Het-hert in Ancient Egypt is the sun disc/cow horned headressed Goddess of the love, land and sky. She is described as The Golden One and she represents the power of Ra which sustains the Universe. The stars assigned to Hathor are Castor and Pollux. These stars are dualistic by nature indicating that each situation of life will be seen either from a positive viewpoint with happiness and joy or a negative shadowy viewpoint with pain and anguish.

PHOENIX (Jun 25th – Jul 24th)

You are resilient, resourceful, determined, flexible, caring and inspiring. Like the Eternal Bird of Life, you will use the least opportunity to emerge successful in life. You have the amazing ability to create possibilities out of nothing. Your are optimistic to the extreme and are able to find some good even in your worst enemies. You encourage friends and family to keep going, keep trying, when all they see is a big wall in the way. You take calculated risks. You enjoy time alone, but also know that time spent amongst friends and family are what make life and its triumphs – big or small – meaningful. You are a resilient problem solver concerned with the conservation of values and have a great respect for nature. You  have an excellent vitality and are very determined when engaging a task. Travel has great appeal to you and because you are usually a loner, you will gravitate towards secluded places. Your emotional process runs very deep and when you suffer it is unlikely that anyone will know because you put up an optimistic front. You can never be dissuaded once your mind is set on a plan of action – you will follow through with conviction despite the worst adversity. The gift of Phoenix is the ability to transform the self through adaptability. Your weaknesses are isolation, sedentary, stubbornness and being unrealistic, at times. Your downfall could be because of your wanting to do things in your own way regardless of whether it is wrong or an inappropriate choice. Favourite lines of profession are any challenging job or self-employment.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Nutmeg
Stone: Amber
Tree: Alder
Animal: Lyrebird
Flower: Daffodil
Remedy: Wear or carry Phoenix Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: The Phoenix (Sacred Fire Bird) known in Ancient Egypt as Benu, is the mystical symbol of life, rebirth and resurrection. Its esoteric meaning is “glorified soul-enlightened human being.” The star assigned to Phoenix is Acubens. The nature of this star is esoteric and deals with concepts surrounding resurrection either spiritual or religious. It can also simply signify an optimistic attitude towards life or a love of life and the capability to “rise” above obstacles and be the ultimate survivor.

ANUBIS (Jul 25th – Aug 28th)

You are clever, strong, spirited, self-confidant, self-reliant, compassionate, sensitive, caring and generous. You are a born romantic and a multi-faceted personality and will forever reveal new and fascinating aspects. The gifts of this Birth Sign are creativity, a hospitable and sympathetic nature and family orientation. You are widely respected amongst your friends and family. They love you because you do what you say you will. You have great determination and the ability to finish what you begin. You rely on your inner knowledge to discover truths about yourself and the world around you, and this insight is helpful to you and others. When things around you seem to be falling apart, you are the one who keeps them together. You always do this in a calm, kind way.
You are disciplined but discriminating. You are often entrepreneurial and display a self assured air of authority and control. You do your homework systematically and are always prepared. It is not likely that you would engage an enterprise without having thoroughly discerned it. Sometimes you will stick with a project or a person until long after the purpose has been served in an attempt to save what has been started. You can also be swayed and succumb to the temptations of the dark forces, bringing into play extreme characters dormant within you. Your downfall could come about because of your obstinacy and disregard for the opinions and value systems of others. Favourite lines of profession are artistic advertising media and fashion business.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Savory
Stone: Obsidian
Tree: Yew
Animal: Jackal
Flower: Foxglove
Remedy: Wear or carry Anubis Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Anubis is the jackal-headed God known in Ancient Egypt as Anpu and is the Angel of Death and Guardian of the Spirit World/Underworld, where he is the “Judge of Souls.” He is the teacher of discriminative knowledge and what is real and what is not real. The star assigned to Anubis is the Royal Star Regulus. The influence of Regulus is strong and it promises success and power in life if the individual can avoid stooping to revenge while aspiring to reach the heights.

THOTH (Aug 29th – Sep 27th)

You are enthusiastic, clever, versatile, methodical, original, precise, creative and seasoned. You have a special talent for writing. Often brilliant and scientific minded, you have the memory of an elephant and the ability to handle crisis is your biggest gift. Some of you can achieve remarkable results in a very short time. You’re capable of taking command and of helping friends in need. Your inventive capabilities allow you to risk breaking with tradition. Your trouble shooting talents and organizing capabilities always win over people. You are a great organizer but not necessarily finisher and this is because you can be dissuaded easily by a logical argument. You are an “answer person” who generally prefers to run the show from behind the scenes. Your ingenious ideas, passion and enterprising energies inspire others to excel. Your scorn for mediocrity and meanness drives away the wrong characters. You are at times rash, impatient, hasty and pessimistic. You are both analytical and self-critical, sometimes to the extent of impeding progress. Favourite lines of profession are teachers, actors and lawyers.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Thyme
Stone: Carnelian
Tree: Quince
Animal: Ibis
Flower: Marigold
Remedy: Wear or carry Thoth Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Thoth or Tehuti (Djehuti) as he was known in ancient Egypt was the Ibis headed God of knowledge and right reasoning. Thoth is often shown with a writing palette and presided over scribes and wisdom. He presided over time, analysis, and progress. He is considered a master teacher who initiates aspirants on the spiritual path of wisdom. Thoth is strongly associated with the Moon in ancient Egyptian scriptures and therefore his energy stimulates the imagination which fosters creative urges and psychic vision or foresight. The star Spica is assigned to this divine energy.

HORUS (Sep 28th – Oct 27th)

You are optimistic, sociable, motivated, courageous, daring, aggressive and possess fierce will coupled with political skills. Your intelligence and hunger for learning are amazing. You are “people smart” and know how to skillfully maneuver your way around the block, the boss, and the bedroom. You always want only the best in life. You do every job of yours with great aplomb. You are like the shining sun, brightening the lives of your friends and family. Optimism and a humanitarian streak are the gifts of this sign. You are good natured, considerate and highly protective of your loved ones. You choose your battles wisely. You know that sometimes the best battles are won through weighing the opposite side’s point of view and finding common ground. You could be unrealistic, stubborn and extremely reluctant to face criticism, sometimes. Success is yours, if you master your rebellious nature and dominating spirit. Do not crave for wrong excitements. The temptation for personal gain or power should be avoided so personal energies can flow positively. Favourite lines of profession are reformism, politics, print and visual media.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Rosemary
Stone: Citrine
Tree: Acacia
Animal: Falcon
Flower: Carnation
Remedy: Wear or carry Horus Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Horus or Heru as he was known in ancient Egypt is the falcon headed God of the sky/light/rising sun and represents divine kingship. The myth of Horus surrounds a risky battle with the destroyer God Set who slew Osiris, the father of Horus. During this battle, Horus lost an eye which according to legend, became a precious stone – the ultimate talisman of protection, resurrection and eternal life (the parts of the Eye add up to the answer 63/64 which in numerology breaks down to the number 1 representing wholeness and all knowing). The battle of Horus and Set is believed to represent the ongoing balancing of good and evil in the Universe. The star assigned to this energy is Zuben Elgenubi.
WADJET (Oct 28th – Nov 26th)

You are ambitious, rational, cautious, loyal, altruistic, knowledgeable and conscientious. You are intense and have a deep personality. You are a “thinking person” and are adept at calculating the perfect time to implement plans and to strike with uncanny accuracy. You like money and enjoy material goods and will work for long and tedious hours to supply yourself with what you desire. You are self-reliant, at the same time help out others. You are a problem solver and you are often approached to apply your shrewdness in finding the solutions that have escaped others. You believe in a greater vision and a seeker of the truth. Your strength is your loyalty to your family members and family values. You love family traditions and love creating new traditions with your extended family – in other words, your best friends. You are also kind and respectful to those outside your ‘inner circle’. You realize there’s always a chance that, someday, those people could become cherished friends, too. You could be haughty, miserly and pessimistic at times. You will go to extremes either positive or negative to achieve goals. Remember : honouring “experience” rather than the thrill of drama is important. Favourite lines of profession are engineers, contractors, architects, editors and field supervisors.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Mustard
Stone: Amethyst
Tree: Ash
Animal: Serpent
Flower: Hyacinth
Remedy: Wear or carry Wadjet Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Wadjet or Utachat is the royal cobra Goddess of wisdom and knowledge, who created the papyrus swamps of Egypt. Wadjet is often seen protecting kings and justice. The legacy of her royal image is found in the Uraeus which adorns and creates the centrepiece of Pharaoh’s Crown. The star assigned to Wadjet is the Royal Star Antares. This star represents life and death. This star also marked one of the four main points of the celestial calendar and the symbol for this star was often placed on tombs. The traits connected to Antares are the capability to generate success but only through a series of metaphoric “life and death” circumstances.

SEKHMET (Nov 27th – Dec 26th)

You are intelligent, imaginative, witty, eloquent, consistent, communicative and optimistic. You have an enquiring mind, enviable grace and inner beauty. You are naturally optimistic and a visionary. Your extreme joviality and talkativeness attract people to you and are a joy to be around. Still, you are a loner, preferring to face challenges alone. You lighten your friends’ troubles during their hard times. You are mentally agile and eloquent in speech and argument. Your friends and enemies will eventually learn that it is never wise to argue too long with you – they will lose. You are energy abound and puzzles of all kinds are your forte. You can run circles around others with reserve to spare. Athletes born under the energy of this Birth Sign excel physically and can out do any opponent. Healers & Physicians born under this energy are skilful and adept at understanding and resolving complex medical issues. Your weaknesses are impatience, impulsive, argumentative and quarrelsome approach along with judgemental attitude. Your telepathic senses are over shadowed by extreme qualities and authoritarian attitude. Stubbornness can be a problem unless it is channelled into long term goals which of course are your ideal.

Lucky Touchstones :
Herb: Pepper
Stone: Tiger’s Eye
Tree: Sandalwood
Animal: Lioness
Flower: Poppy
Remedy: Wear or carry Sekhmet Egyptian Zodiac Guardian Pendant
Guardian: Sekhmet is the lion headed Goddess of war, protectress of the desert, and mistress of sacred fire known also as the Eye of Ra. She is a warrior and champion of the gods of Egypt. Sekhmet can always be found on the battlefield, fighting for what’s right. Although she is a potent and feared God, she also has a loving side which is that of the healer. Esoterically, she paves the way for spiritual evolution by fighting and destroying the evil inherent in ignorance. She also heals the heart of mankind. The star assigned to Sekhmet is Rukbat.

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