FAQsOur FAQs on Amulets & Talismans are very detailed and comprehensive and should clarify all of your reasonable doubts. If you genuinely wish to buy our products and still have a query that is not covered here, mail to crystalvaastu@yahoo.com or talismans101@gmail.com.

Q-1) What are Charms, Amulets & Talismans? How do they differ from each other?

A : A general and dictionary-like definition of a Charm would be ‘an object that attracts energy’; of an Amulet would be ‘an object that can ward off negative energy and drive away evil’; of a Talisman would be ‘an object that can attract positive energy’. In modern world, all the three are freely interexchanged and for all practical purposes, not distinguished, as in this website. Again, today they can either be an individual object (natural or man-made) or a group of multiple objects. Commonly, they have Sacred Geometry with or without Magickal Sigils tasked with Esoteric Manifestations.

Q-2) How do Charms, Amulets and Talismans work?

A : The Charms, Talismans & Amulets have embedded energetic signatures within the complex display of visual patterns. Once these energetic signatures are Cleansed, Blessed, Energized and Programmed as to the purpose and as to the person to whom the benefits should accrue, the whole Charm / Amulet / Talisman mechanism is empowered and activated. Upon activation, it goes “live” and stays “on-line”, until the positive intentions contained within the remedy are manifested first energetically and then physically, so as to serve the purpose of the User. The nucleus and the core structure of the Talisman / Amulet tune into specific, elevated energy beams and tap into specific energy resources of the Universe, to achieve the already pre-programmed goals/targets.

Q-3) Are these Charms, Amulets and Talismans religious?

A : No, they are not based on any religion and so completely non-religious. Most of them are possessively claimed by various cultures and religions to be their own, but they are not dependent on any religion and because our total activation process is also not religious, these Charms, Amulets or Talismans channelled by us can be used by any person, without any fear, irrespective of their religious faith.

Q-4) If the Talismans are not activated through any religious practices, then how are they Energized?

A : Every single Talisman channelled by us are linked, empowered, activated, tracked and fed through a Divine Light Energy Generator powered by Angelic Energy Beings who are not bound by the narrow confines of any religion.

Q-5) I have heard only about Energized Talismans and Empowered Amulets but what is this Programming of Talismans?

A : Every single energy remedy, including a Talisman needs to be not only Cleansed & Energized but also Programmed (Samuka Karana), in order to get it’s full benefits and also for it to have a longer life. Talismans sold by most others are at the best, only Cleansed (Sudhdhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled, Energy Charged) and Pre-Programmed as to the Talisman’s Purpose. However, we also Program the remedy – i.e., defining and linking the Talisman’s Energy Nucleus to the User (the person who is going to use it). This way, there will be no loss in the Talisman’s energy and the whole of the Talisman’s energy is dedicated fully to the User, always.

To know more details about Energizing and Programming and why every Energy Remedy needs to be Cleansed, Energized and Programmed, click here.

Q-6) How long will your Talismans work? What is the life span of your Talismans? How long do your Talismans last, will there be any expiry date?

A : Unlike most of the Talismans commonly available in the Market as well as in the Net (which might have a very short life), those channelled by us last a long time – tens of years. In fact there is no expiry date set by us during the Programming process.

Q-7) Can any Talisman lose it’s power?

A : Yes, a Charm, Amulet or Talisman might lose it’s power in certain rare cases : if something physically happens to it (like breaking) or if a very powerful evil force (like Black Magic or Evil Spirit Attack) attacks and overwhelms it.

Q-8) Will my Talisman ever need to be Energized again or Re-Empowered?

A : No, never. Once Energized, our Talismans stay Energized. There is no need for any further cleansing or energizing at any point of time.

Q-9) What are the specialities of your Talismans?

A : All the Talismans channelled by us are not only Cleansed, Energized (Empowered), Blessed and Pre-Programmed to the Purpose, but also Programmed (using ancient and powerful Siddha Programming Techniques) to the User. The nature of the empowerment and programming makes our Talismans multifolds more powerful and with an elongated life, when compared to the regular energized ones.

Normally, any Talisman, at the best, is energized through religious means and pre-programmed for specific purpose(s). Our Talismans are very special : they are not only Cleansed, Energized and Pre-Programmed for specific purpose(s), but also specially Programmed to the name of a specific individual. Dedicated Energy Correction Techniques are used for Programming these Special Talismans bringing added benefits :

(1) the power of the Talisman is magnified multifolds;

(2) the energy is fully focused and the purpose/problem is solved much faster;

(3) the life of the Talisman is much more elongated (than the normal energized Talisman) and

(4) there is absolutely no need (for the buyer/user) to go through any regular rituals – cleansing, empowering, chanting, etc., as it has already been programmed to maintain ideal energy levels;

(5) also unlike most of the empowering processes, where the Talisman’s umbilical energy chord is cut-off (and it becomes an independent energy tool by itself, but has no back-up) after energizing/empowering is over, our Talismans remain connected to the Divine Light Energy Generator and receive energy as and when required. This special process enables our Talismans to be more empowered and enjoy a much larger life span, thus benefiting the buyer/user, in a far better way.

Q-10) I am an Indian of Hindu Religion / I am a Buddhist – can I use these Talismans? Do my religious beliefs make a difference?

A : You can very much use the Talismans channelled by us, your religious beliefs do not make any difference. In fact anyone, irrespective of their religious belief or cultural leaning, or even a non-believer of religions can still use our Talismans and derive full benefit from it. Even our Energizing Methodology and the Energy Correction Techniques used for charging and empowering our Talismans are fully non-religious.

Q-11) Do I have to worship your Talismans?

A : Absolutely not needed. Our Talismans are not based on any religion and are totally non-religious. So no worship or any religious ritual is required from you. Also, unlike other Talismans commonly available, our Talismans are not just Cleansed, Energized, Blessed and Pre-Programmed to the Purpose, but are also Exclusively Programmed to the User (YOU), so that the Energy of the Talisman always reaches you automatically.

Q-12) Will I receive the same Talisman as per the image shown in your website?

A : Mostly, Yes. However, these images are for illustration purposes and are representative to a certain degree only. Batches of supplies from the manufacturer may vary slightly in size, colour or appearance; however, the Talisman’s virtues are the same. In other words, despite the changes, the metaphysical essence is always the same.

Q-13) I wish to buy your Talismans, but I neither have any knowledge nor know the correct time or right process for empowering?

A : Go ahead and buy the Talismans channelled by us. They are not based on any religion and completely non-religious. There is absolutely no necessity for any form of religious worship or ritual from your end. There is also no risk on your part to get into the powerful empowering and activation processes. We do it all for you.

Q-14) Does the source of purchase of Talismans make a difference?

A : Besides having the correct design, the source of purchase of the Talismans plays an important role in determining the eligibility and effectiveness of the Talismans. Many who buy the same Talisman from two different sources will find that one is working so well and the other may not. Have you ever thought about why that happens? The answer is simple, the source determines the “root energy” stored in the Talismans. This is a key element that differentiates our Talismans from what others offer. www.Cosmic-Remedies.com with qualified expertise, has the requisite energy equations that focus on cleansing the Talismans, boosting them with auspicious and positive energy and keeping them in properly insulated storage area that has positive energy, before they are channelled. This has been felt and appreciated by many Astrologers, Vaastu & Fengshui Consultants, Reiki and Pranic Healers, Tarot Readers & other Energy Professionals who had purchased from us.

Also, like all Metaphysical Energy Tools, the Charms, Amulets & Talismans too are completely based on pure energy and must transmit loving, positive energy; they should have been cleansed and consecrated with the purest motivation to benefit that particular someone. Especially when they have Sacred Geometry and Magickal Sigils, this requirement becomes even more important and mandatory. Badly made Fakes and Copycat Talismans made with cheap raw materials or wrong formula cannot be cleansed properly and do not qualify as remedies. Actually, using such Talismans (for that matter, any remedy) which are uncleansed or improperly consecrated will have a lot of negative energy in them and can harm you.

Q-15) Why should I buy from you or shop at your website instead of elsewhere? Why are your Talismans more expensive than those sold by some others in the Net?

A : We are Energy Professionals with the requisite Attunements (Dikshas) and personal experience (of more than 15 years) and are energy-qualified to identify and handle genuine and authentic Metaphysical Energy Tools such as the above, to channell them to Direct Users. All Talismans / Amulets / Charms in this website will be fully Cleansed, Blessed, Energized & Programmed before being channelled to the User. We check for the Energy Integrity of each and every individual Talisman before the processing is started – if it does not pass our test, it will be destroyed (not just discarded) and not channelled. Our prices include the cost of all such mandatory processing and are NOT to be compared with the prices of similar products sold by the regular market traders. When bought from a trader, before using it, the User has to empower the product personally, strictly as per the rules stipulated by the relevant scripture or grimoire, taking into account the nature of the remedy, powers to be linked, material content (metal, alloy), etc. Considering the risk factors (obvious and hidden) involved in the User getting into such complicated and rigorous empowering process, it is safe to pay the premium to the Energy Professionals who are actually qualified and take the risks on the User’s behalf, so that the User does not get effected or infected in any way, by any negative impacts that are invariably associated with all such direct charging and activating processes.

Also, not all of the Talismans are easy to acquire and many are rare and scarce, especially those made of high quality raw material. In channelling these Talismans, we are offering a service to people interested in these remedies, items that may not be otherwise acquired without assistance because of distance, language barrier, lack of knowledge of sources, inconvenience, travel & transport costs, lack of time, etc. Naturally, those service charges are added in the price tag.

Last but not the least, the recent devaluations in Indian Rupee keeps adding to the costing of the products.

Q-16) What adverse effects can your Talismans have? Will there be any negative side effects from your Talismans at any point of time, for any reason?

A : There will never ever be any adverse or negative effects whatsoever from our Talismans for any reason, at any point of time, as they are effectively and protectively Programmed. For this reason, it is totally impossible for any of them to ever function on a negative level. However, the same cannot be said about Talismans bought elsewhere, as most of them are not Programmed.

Q-17) When is it necessary to obtain a Talisman?

A : Simplistically put, remedies like Talismans are like walking sticks. When does a person require a walking stick? Only when he is finding it difficult to walk on his own or wishes to become more steady. In other words, either when all necessary steps in a particular situation have been attempted and not yielded results or when a person wants to obtain additional help for his endeavours. However, please understand that an Amulet or a Talisman is NOT a replacement for rational actions, efforts, etc. Also, an Amulet or a Talisman is NOT a substitute for professional services (legal, medical, etc.). But they can provide effective help for someone who wants to achieve his targets or goals. Having an Amulet or Talisman is not an excuse for not engaging life with your fullest ability. It is a crutch, when you need it, or a boost, when you wish for faster or better results.

Q-18) How do I use these Talismans? Can I use it with my existing gold/silver chain?

A : Ideally, you can wear the Talisman around the neck where it’s level is approximately that of your heart. You can use your existing metal chain or a black or red thread for hanging it from your neck. Our special programming module also enables you to carry the Talisman (instead of wearing around your neck) with you in your pocket, purse, wallet, handbag or briefcase and still receive it’s energy.

Q-19) Can I wear the Talisman during the menses time (menstruation periods of women)? Can I wear the Talisman when I go to a Death Ceremony?

A : As answered earlier, our Talismans are effectively Programmed and there is an exclusive programming module for isolating and shielding our Talisman from the negative energies emanating during the menses time, chronic sickness and even death (Theettu). In fact there is another exclusive programming module in every one of the Talismans channelled by us which performs intensive cleansing of such negative energies continuously 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) so that the User after visiting a sick person or after attending a funeral ritual or cremation rite is fully cleansed of all negative energy infections!

Q-20) When do I start wearing the Talisman – is there any auspicious date/day or time that I have to check for?

A : As the Talisman has not just been Energized but also Programmed to you specifically, there is no need for any auspicious date or day or time to wear your Talisman. Any convenient day and any time will do.

Q-21) Are there any restrictions in wearing these Talismans? Can I eat non-vegetarian food and smoke or drink when I am wearing the Talisman? Do I need to remove the Talisman when I go to sleep or indulge in sexual activities? Should I remove the Talisman when I bath or swim?

A : There are NO restrictions for wearing or carrying the Talismans channelled by us – they are fully programmed to you and contain many special programming modules to take care of many common situations like those mentioned above. Our Talismans are completely non-religious and they do not demand any extra cleanliness from the User.

Q-22) Is there any special care that I need to take for handling these Talismans? Do these Talismans need any specific maintenance?

A : No. The Talismans channelled by us are supposed to care for you and not the other way around. Respect to the Talisman’s Energy would be sufficient.

Q-23) Do I have to believe in the Talisman, for it to work?

A : No, you need not believe in your Talisman, for it to work. As every one of the Talisman (channelled by us) is not only Energized but also Programmed to the User (to You, that is), it keeps working whether you believe in it or not. It works just as well even when you are skeptical or even unaware of it’s metaphysical purposes. Which means the Energy from the Talisman keeps reaching you as and when you need it, even if you do not believe in it.

Q-24) Do I have to believe in the Talisman, for getting results?

A : No, it is not mandatory for you to believe in your Talisman (channelled by us) to get results. The reason is simple : when you buy any of the Talismans from us, the Talisman is not just Cleansed, Blessed, Energized and Pre-Programmed to the Purpose, but also Programmed to the User – this enables the Talisman to keep beaming the Energy to you (to your Chakras) automatically, as and when needed. So you keep receiving the exclusive Energy beamed at you, even if you are a non-believer. Your Chakras (Energy Centers) keep receiving the beamed Energy, even if you do not believe in it. So the results do happen and will happen, in time.

However, here is the subtle difference : if you believe in the Talisman, your Chakras will receive the Energy more willingly, assimilate and digest the received Energy more faster and this will eventually bring in much faster and better results.

Q-25) How long does it take to get positive results from your Talisman?

A : The time frame for getting positive results from the Talismans depends on several factors including the source, nature and magnitude of the Karmic Blocks, the Power of the Talisman, etc. However, our feed backs suggest that positive results start manifesting after 90 days, even though many customers have claimed to have benefited even before that time too.

Important : Please understand that the Success Percentage and Time Frame for gaining Success cannot be committed by anybody, whatever may be the Talisman and however powerful and costly it is. The efficacy of the Talisman depends upon the quantum of positive energy of the Talisman and the magnitude of negative energy of the individual. In other words, on the Negative Karma of the person/family. If the volume of positive energy of the Talisman is sufficient enough to overcome the negativity of the problem, then obvious, physical results manifest. On the other hand, if the volume of negative energy is higher, then the Talisman will still be functioning properly (because it is energized and programmed) but the desired results may not manifest fully. But unlike most others, Talismans channelled by us are not only Energized but also Programmed, thereby greatly increasing the chances of success. Also because all our Talisman are Programmed, there will never ever be any negative side effects, at any point of time.

Q-26) How many types of Talismans do you have?

A : We have hundreds of varieties of Talismans and our range is still growing. The significance of all these Talismans vary – some are application-specific and some are context-specific, some are focused on one aspect while some are for multi purposes.

Q-27) How do I know which Talisman will suit me?

A : We have given the specific significance and context suitable for the application of every Talisman individually, for you to understand clearly. However, feel free to mail us (crystalvaastu@yahoo.com) about your specific needs or personal problems, so that we can suggest you the most suitable Talismans for you.

Q-28) Why are there so many Talismans?

A : This is the Kali Yuga Time Period where one has to put in twice or even thrice the efforts just to achieve the basic tasks. Karmic blocks and man made obstacles are quite common and added to this are external influences like Evil Eye (Drishti, Buri Nazar, Malochchio, etc.), Black Magic (Jadoo Tona, Voo Doo, Ilmu Sihir, Saiyaveja, etc.), Evil Entities, Demonic Creatures, etc. The Energy Equations of Kali Yuga are different from those of the other Yugas and there are many contexts and situations that need to be addressed specially and in a unique way. That is the reason why we have so many Talismans.

Q-29) Can I use more than one Talisman at the same time? Can I use your Talisman with my existing one? Can I wear or carry all my Talismans at the same time?

A : You can use any number of our Talismans at the same time – they compliment each other perfectly. There will never be any conflict of interest at any point of time. Similarly, you can use any other Talisman (bought else where) along with our Talisman without any clash of interest – ours is fully insulated.

Q-30) Can I exchange/swap a Talisman that I have ordered and received?

A: No. Our Talismans can never be exchanged/swapped, under any circumstances, for whatever reason it may be, as they are specifically programmed to you and of no use to anybody else. Further, would you wish to receive a returned, second-hand, used Talisman in exchange for the one you want to exchange?

Q-31) I wish to buy a Talisman for my son living in USA. For reasons I do not wish to divulge, I can’t send the Talisman to him. Can I keep the Talisman in my home in India ? Will it be equally effective?

A : As a general rule, all Charms, Amulets & Talismans should ideally be worn or carried personally. They have been designed that way and cannot be overruled. Only exemptions are the large sized ones which are meant to be installed at home, office or factory.

Q-32) Do you ship worldwide?

A : Sorry, no. We are presently shipping to destinations within India only and not exporting.

Q-33) Do you have a physical Storefront / Showroom where we can see and select your Talismans?

A : Yes, we do have a brick-and-mortar Storefront / Showroom in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu State, India. For location, address, business hours and other info, click here.