AT-254 Strength, Beauty, Intelligence, Wisdom, Decisive Capacity, Power, Majesty, Riches, Vigilance, Protection


AT-254 : The Magickal Gryphon Talisman is well known as a Provider of Strength, Beauty, Intelligence, Wisdom, Decisive Capacity, Power, Majesty, Riches, Vigilance & Protection to it’s wearer. Made of Special Pewter Metal.

The Legendary Gryphon or Griffin has the head and wings of an Eagle, the King of the Skies and the body of a Lion, the King of the Land; two of the most noble creatures of Earth. There are many different stories of the Gryphon through the ages but all the legends share many similarities. The Gryphon is a representation of Strength, Beauty and Intelligence. It has been part of the folklore since the dawn of time. Revered by the Elam, Egyptian, Greek, Minoan, and Persian Societies long before they became an important part of Heraldic Symbolism in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Griffins, the majestic and powerful Half Lion, Half Eagle Mythical Creatures have been around for atleast 2500 years, first originating in Central Asia and spreading to Greece, Italy and then to Celtic Nations. The Greeks were so impressed with the various powers of the Gryphons that they minted many types of Coins featuring them. In antiquity Griffins were a Symbol of Divine Power or Guardians of Treasure. The protective Gryphon was believed to guard Hidden Treasures, the Tree of Life, True Knowledge, and the Roads to Salvation. They are a Symbol of the Sun, Wisdom, Vengeance, Strength, and Salvation. Sometimes, Griffins were themselves used for transport by the Gods; the Chariot that bore Nemesis, the Greek Goddess of Vengeance, was frequently drawn by a Divine Team of Griffins.

It is on the island of Crete that the most ancient representations of this fabulous beast have been found on a fresco in the main throne room of the Bronze Age Palace of Knossos (circa roughly 15th century BCE). The majestic creature keeps popping up in Central Asian Mythology too in the 5th century BCE (one thousand years after Bronze Age Knossos). It is an image that remained popular from these ancient roots, through the archaic and classical periods of Ancient Greece, through the Roman Empire, into the Medieval and Renaissance Periods and still present today as featured on many coats of arms. Composed in its’ earliest representations having a Lion’s body with the head and wings of an Eagle with the forelimbs and hindquarters remaining that of a Lion. This was to evolve over time to incorporate bird limbs and talons with variations of feathered lion limbs as well. A peculiar aspect of the design are the elongated ears that are more like that of a Horse than a Lion and they are often feathered. In a medieval context they were said to mate for life and if a partner died they would wander the earth, alone and never seek another. Their claws were said to have medicinal qualities and a single feather could cure the blind.

This Power Talisman Pendant (Amulet, Charm, Talisman, Kavach (Kawach), Enhancer, Cure, Remedy) is result oriented and has a long life. It will be Cleansed, Energized & Custom-Programmed to the User Name at the time of purchase.

Specifications : Dia – 1.25″ approximately.
Material : Made of Special Pewter Metal. To know more about Pewter, click here.
Price : INR Rs. 6,000/- each + INR Rs. 200/- for Packing & Forwarding, for a destination in India.
Payment (to be made in India) : Money Order (MO) or Demand Draft (DD) favouring “Sri Sudharsan Publications” payable at “Coimbatore”, to our address (click here). Cheque not acceptable. For cash deposits in bank or online transfers, click here.
Input Data : Product Code, User Name (for Energizing & Programming), Full Address along with Phone Number (for courier purposes).

Important Notes :

(1) The AT Power Pendant (Amulet / Charm / Talisman / Kavach (Kawach) / Enhancer / Cure / Remedy) is an excellent Metaphysical Energy Tool for boosting the Positive Energies and/or for protecting from the Negative Energies, as specified in the product description.
(2) Like all genuine remedies, the above Metaphysical Energy Tool too is required to be Cleansed, Energized & Programmed to a specific individual, in order to make it work as a Cure and/or Enhancer – that is the minimum eligibility for any remedy. Using powerful remedies without the mandatory activation can cause harm to the User. All Remedies channelled by us are Cleansed (Sudhdhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled, Energy Charged) and Pre-Programmed for the stated purposes and Programmed (Samuka Karana) to the desired User Name, at the time of purchase. To know more about this, click here.
(3) The AT is fully Non-Religious and does not require any periodic cleansing (or energizing), ritualistic worship, mantra chanting – no extra cleanliness is ever required. All the rigorous processing that needs to be done are completed by us fully and only then channelled to you.
(4) The AT is not Programmed for any specific time period – hence has a long life.
(5) The AT channelled by us can never, ever give any negative side effects at any point of time, because of our special Programming Techniques.
(6) The AT should be worn around the neck or personally carried in pocket, purse, wallet, handbag, briefcase.
(7) The AT is specifically Programmed to work on the related Chakras (Physical Chakras, Mental Chakras & Spiritual Chakras) of a specific Individual, without interruption, for better results.
(8) The AT is suitable for any and all of the 12 Zodiac Signs irrespective of sex, age, nationality, religion, caste, country or culture.
(9) You are requested to browse our Talismans FAQs (click here) before placing your order – we have put together the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. This section will help you to gain a better understanding about the products, processes involved, percentage of success, time required for gaining results, etc. If you still have a query that you think is not covered in our FAQs, you may contact us.

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