AT-302 Leadership Qualities, Commanding Power, Talent to take Right Decisions at Right Time, Always Find Right Path, High Level of Living


AT-302 : The Powerful Talisman of Taureg Cross is considered to confer on it’s wearer Leadership Qualities, Commanding Power, Talent to take Right Decisions at Right Time, To always find the Right Path & a High Level of Living. Made of Special Pewter Metal.

The Tuareg Pendant known as the Southern Cross or Cross of Agadez is a well known Ancient Power Symbol. There are atleast 21 Ancient Designs that are associated with the Tuareg Tribal Clans of Saharan Nations and ancestorily related to the Berbers of Northern Africa.

The Tuareg are an ancient Saharan people described as far back as Herodotus, that presently number up to 1.5 million tribal people. For over 2000 years this semi nomadic and pastoralist people have operated the trans-Saharan caravan trade, basing their economy on breeding livestock and trade. As well as in Mali, they inhabit the Sub-Saharan Nations of Niger, Algeria, Burkina Faso, and the southernmost tip of Libya. Their spoken language is Tamasheq, a language which has its roots in North Africa, and their writing system uses an ancient hieroglyphic script called Tifinagh, with Berber origins. The Tuaregs are also well known for their talented metalsmiths.

It is important to note that the term ‘cross’ has been applied by Europeans in an attempt to describe this piece of Metaphysical Jewelry, and has no equivalent in the Tamasheq, the language of the Tuaregs. Tribal Tuaregs refer to it as Teneghelt from the verb ‘enghel’ which means to pour, and refers to the ‘lost wax’ method by which the piece is created. The circle and the cross within the piece combine male and female symbols in union, to create a concrete object of great beauty. This heritage is based on an ancient love myth, but it is also given by father to son, at puberty, as a symbolic reminder of the Tuareg nomadic life style, and to help him find his way at times of confusion, distress or difficulty, throughout the four directions of the world.

This Power Talisman Pendant (Amulet, Charm, Talisman, Kavach (Kawach), Enhancer, Cure, Remedy) is result oriented and has a long life. It will be Cleansed, Energized & Custom-Programmed to the User Name at the time of purchase.

Specifications : 2.75″ x 2″ approximately.
Material : Made of Special Pewter Metal. To know more about Pewter, click here.
Price : INR Rs. 3,000/- each + INR Rs. 200/- for Packing & Forwarding, for a destination in India.
Payment (to be made in India) : Money Order (MO) or Demand Draft (DD) favouring “Sri Sudharsan Publications” payable at “Coimbatore”, to our address (click here). Cheque not acceptable. For cash deposits in bank or online transfers, click here.
Input Data : Product Code, User Name (for Energizing & Programming), Full Address along with Phone Number (for courier purposes).

Important Notes :

(1) The AT Power Pendant (Amulet / Charm / Talisman / Kavach (Kawach) / Enhancer / Cure / Remedy) is an excellent Metaphysical Energy Tool for boosting the Positive Energies and/or for protecting from the Negative Energies, as specified in the product description.
(2) Like all genuine remedies, the above Metaphysical Energy Tool too is required to be Cleansed, Energized & Programmed to a specific individual, in order to make it work as a Cure and/or Enhancer – that is the minimum eligibility for any remedy. Using powerful remedies without the mandatory activation can cause harm to the User. All Remedies channelled by us are Cleansed (Sudhdhi Karana), Energized (Prana Prathishta, Empowered, Energised, Energized, Energy Imbibed, Energy Infused, Energy Instilled, Energy Charged) and Pre-Programmed for the stated purposes and Programmed (Samuka Karana) to the desired User Name, at the time of purchase. To know more about this, click here.
(3) The AT is fully Non-Religious and does not require any periodic cleansing (or energizing), ritualistic worship, mantra chanting – no extra cleanliness is ever required. All the rigorous processing that needs to be done are completed by us fully and only then channelled to you.
(4) The AT is not Programmed for any specific time period – hence has a long life.
(5) The AT channelled by us can never, ever give any negative side effects at any point of time, because of our special Programming Techniques.
(6) The AT should be worn around the neck or personally carried in pocket, purse, wallet, handbag, briefcase.
(7) The AT is specifically Programmed to work on the related Chakras (Physical Chakras, Mental Chakras & Spiritual Chakras) of a specific Individual, without interruption, for better results.
(8) The AT is suitable for any and all of the 12 Zodiac Signs irrespective of sex, age, nationality, religion, caste, country or culture.
(9) You are requested to browse our Talismans FAQs (click here) before placing your order – we have put together the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. This section will help you to gain a better understanding about the products, processes involved, percentage of success, time required for gaining results, etc. If you still have a query that you think is not covered in our FAQs, you may contact us.

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