What is Nebula?


Nebula Semi Precious Metal is a value-priced alternative to Silver for the cost-conscious consumer! This patented metal is created with high quality standards.

Nebula is a Tin based Semi Precious Metal alloyed with other non-toxic metals, such as Zinc, for incredible strength and luster. Nebula is Nickel-Free and Lead-Free.

The molten metal blend is enhanced with White Quartz (a clarifying Natural Crystal Stone that eradicates negative energy and helps bring the mind to a place of peace and calm) as well as a full range of Coloured Tourmaline Crystal (which relates directly to the Chakras; promoting self-confidence and eliminating fear). In addition to infusing this revolutionary alloy with the natural energy of these stones, Monks (Sages) bless the metal before it is cast into Metaphysical Jewellery. The result is “Wearable Energy”.

It has the same highly-polished look as Sterling Silver, but at a considerably lower cost. Nebula Metal looks like silver, feels like silver, wears like silver … but at lesser cost than silver.